Hello Sweet Clans,

In 2020, we all begin on a new vibrational level, as the worlds are opening to us in new ways. I’ll be Down Under in April/May 2020, and am excited to offer my new training, which is a prelude to the upcoming 2020 Luminescent Human apprenticeship training.

In this Seven Shamanic Worlds training, you will learn Nature’s Archetypes and how the elemental world works through your seven shamanic portals (chakras).

The four lower Chakras have been designated guardians according to the shamanic way. As you will learn during the training, these guardians are the door keepers that hold you accountable to this dimension and its physical, emotional, mystical, and energetic worlds. These four chakras are considered to be the great initiation that enables one to move forward upon the path of a spiritual warrior, healer, shaman, and compassionate human being.

During this training, I’ll teach you how to open these lower portals to transcend into shamanic worlds. Because one of the keys to opening the portals is trance movement, I have hired live drummers to join us on Saturday, so that we can dance in front of our Images.

Through this movement, the Earth elemental becomes activated within your physical form, opening all portals for transcendence.

We Dance, We Sing, We Sweat,
We Create, We Dream, We Become.

Dates: Friday, May 8th evening 7pm-9pm
Saturday, May 9th 9.30am-5.30pm
Cost: $290
Include: printed materials colored chart.
Venue: TBA Gold Coast

You can reserve your spot in this powerful training by
A Deposit: $150
To Kerry Henwood
BSB 732088
ACC 689220

Contact: Kerry for further information kerryhenwood108@gmail.com