For the past five years I have been travelling a spiritual journey with Kerry Henwood as a support and guide. Kerry is an extraordinary woman travelling a journey in this world that borders on the edge of unbelievable. To expound her strengths on paper would seem unreal so I will just say that she brings a wealth of experiences, skills and training to her extraordinary and unique trainings, and that, most importantly, she is a woman of grace, strength, generosity of spirit and humility. This journey I have undertaken has included a series of workshops in Shamanic practices and healing as well as new trainings, channelled by Kerry, in the Language of Light. It was in April of this year that I undertook the Level 2 Language of Light training.

This training began in level one by deepening my understanding of the 12 chakras – the seven we commonly have consciousness of as well as the remaining five. The eighth – a place of sensing the true self, the ninth – your blueprint/karmic identity, the tenth – the manifestor, the eleventh – a point of conscious existence, and the twelfth – the Monad, access to pure source being. With this training came a script for a guided meditation, that when used with clients, offered a deep relaxation, an awareness of self frequently never experienced before, and an opportunity for inner growth and forward movement.

Level two of this training was an expansion of level one that brought for me deep inner understandings of myself, and of the process I was working with. The LOL level 2 training explored theory about Eastern and Western medicine, straight-line and cyclical theories and the sympathetic and parasympathetic bodies. It also included powerful practical applications, some with a basis in Tibetan pulsing.

This training was the most powerful I have experienced in bringing deep and lasting change to the way I relate to myself and the manner in which I see myself within the world I live in. The work on the Law of Correspondence that forms a core aspect of the training, freed my thinking and released me from a self imposed position as hostage to the world as I had made it. At 52 years of age, I am free from patterns that have plagued me, and that I have been fighting against, from at least 14 years of age if not earlier. A key one of these now changed patterns was my relationship to food as a crutch to support me during tiredness, stress and emotional distress.

Suffice to say that in my work with clients, the combination of the LOL 1 guided mediation followed by the LOL 2 healing process has been exceedingly powerful also.

I cannot recommend this training highly enough. For those who wish to deepen the level of their work with clients as well as those who wish to strengthen their capacity to truly ‘BE’ in this world in this life, this is a training not to be missed.

– Robyn Maggs – Queensland Australia 2015

My dearest friend and seer Kerry,

It has been a treasured connection for almost 30 years and a tremendously purposeful journey for you, Marie and myself in our service together, to the Shambala.

Your channelled wisdom and teachings provide an enriching path of development for each soul which can reveal their life’s journey.

Thank you beyond measure for your talents which have benefited so many people within Australia and and internationally. It is a joy to experience how your readings have continued to evolve as you have continued to grow as an inspiring teacher.

The Streaming Reading I had with you listening to my soul, spirit and monad in April, was the most powerful that I have ever experienced in all these years. Exceptional, comprehensive, informative, appropriate and essential. This streaming session was so much fun as it was interactive, spot-on, self reflective, incredibly in-depth, with powerful guidance and accurate facts. Quote:”it was dynamite!”

The streaming covered every essential issue that required to be address with clear directives on what action to take.

There are so many layers of information contained within this high quality channelled reading, that repeated instruction emerges as one mediates and examines with clarity the layers of wisdom in the words and phrases.

I listened with the depth of focus and concentration over and over again. My computer has clocked up 92 times so far as I have replayed, listened, meditated and soaked it up…

As I am learning to apply the wisdom and exercises it has made the most powerful impact and changes that have been so essential and turned many aspects in my life in the right direction.

Thank you abundantly with my love and blessings,

– Hermann Müller – Author, Teacher of Metaphysics Psychosomatic Therapy College founder & co-director

Each and every Angelic Shamanism workshop run by Kerry is always a new and unique experience. These workshops are all about Transformation: transformation from the person you think and believe you are to the person you really are! The person you were meant to be!

The many different journeys Kerry leads are excellent for releasing emotional baggage so our connection to our Higher Self becomes stronger and clearer. By shining a metaphorical light into all that does not serve our Highest Purpose any longer and clearing societal and parental conditionings and our own misguided behavioural patterns these workshops allow the participants to come closer to the “All that I am right now!

At level 2 we learn a wide range of journeys to release issues from this life and past lives that have been limiting our development and to help us to acknowledge and release our own insecurities! Any external and internal energies that are an impediment to our growth are addressed and released through a variety of shamanic tools presented by Kerry, such as Dismemberment, Extractions, cutting of ancestral limiting ties and a variety of traditional rituals.

At this most auspicious time when we are in transition from a Third to a Fifth dimensional consciousness and reality, Kerry’s Angelic Shamanism provides the tools necessary to increase our vibrational rate, like stepping stones to reaching the celestial realm and contact our angelic aspects and to alter our underlying blueprint and DNA. It also assists in clearing, realigning and balancing all of our energetic bodies and clearing old karmic contracts and bindings, response patterns and emotional wounds from our cellular memory, as well as healing genetic weaknesses from our own physical DNA and restoring our own angelic DNA.

Through Angelic Shamanism we are able to expand our light bodies and shift into higher levels of consciousness. It teaches us to access the necessary internal resources to release fear and confusion and to break through the illusions of this world and societal restrictions as we heal and progress on our Divine Ascension to collectively make the Fifth dimension a reality.

Kerry’s professionalism is beyond compare and the caring, supportive and loving environment she provides makes it such a safe environment to acknowledge, deal with and release whatever is ready to leave our energetic fields in our endeavour to grow!

These unique workshops are designed to help each participant in their personal, professional and spiritual development and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is in the path of self discovery, who is striving to achieve full soul expression, find their life purpose and be a better vessel for Spirit! The potential that this learning can have in our lives, the lives of our clients and humanity in general are limitless!

– Sonia Dantaz

I did the Level 2 training with Kerry Henwood twice and each time I gained enormously, not only through my own personal growth, but also in my ability as a shamanic healer to connect on a deeply profound level with my spirit helpers and other realms of consciousness.

Kerry is an incredible leader and facilitator of the energy required in this healing modality which encompasses the most profound level of our being. Through her integrity as a healer and experience as a teacher Kerry is able to communicate extremely difficult concepts which would normally be far beyond our comprehension.

Throughout the training there is an opportunity for personal release and growth which culminates in being able to connect with the angelic and celestial realms in order to act as a channel for healing at a DNA level of our physical existence. The magnitude of the gift of this training is far beyond words in what it can bring to our lives and the healing of our wonderfully beautiful planet.

I highly recommend this training if you are heeding the call to become a shamanic practitioner or healer.

– Michele, Brisbane Australia

I really enjoyed Level 2 , I felt a lot more relaxed to learn and share. I realized my journeys may not be as flowery as everyone else’s but they are what works for me and Kerry helped me to stop comparing my self to others . I may not use my new tools to make a living, however I feel I can help others and myself with the knowledge, and the connection to other earth, and understanding the seasonal changes that affect our lives which sometimes slides past us . I liked being around like minded people that have the same ideals as me.

The trainings are fantastic, I felt drawn to soul retrieval for death / dying people I feel this may be an area I will explore more.

Thanks heaps Kerry.

– Marisa M

During the second time I undertook Kerry Henwood’s Level 2 Shamanic Training & the weeks succeeding, the predominate change that I have recognized within myself was the actual embodiment and ownership of my soul’s divine nature. The training not only created the space for this to occur, but techniques taught and Kerry’s ability to continually re-invent herself and access universal knowledge and wisdom, paved the way for this to be auctioned at the deepest physical level~ that being our cellular structure and DNA.

The DNA technique taught is a part of the new wave of science that has emerged in the past few decades on this planet, whereby healing of the human body is assessed and treated at very the quantum level. As such, it brings great joy to my heart and much gratitude within my being to be a part of this forerunning modality.

Furthermore, during the 3 days of level 2 I became aware of subconscious aspects within myself that I had not known were there. These subconscious patterns, programs, stories were in a sense brought to the light where I was able to add consciousness to them. In turn, this allowed for a greater sense of freedom within my being and stronger alignment with myself/source. It was almost as as if more and more aspects of my lower self/ ego were surrendering/unweaving/evolving? Because it understood there was a much greater force than itself~ that being of truth and love.

I feel now after completing Level 2 again I have matured spiritually and I thank-you Kerry for riding the wave you do because it has had a profound effect on my experience and growth here on the planet.

Looking forward to receiving the new DNA information.

– Juanita Marriott, Gold Coast Australia

I have done Level 2 training twice within 12 months to absorb the information to do justice to the essence of this work, and because of the benefit I have found for my growth. I really wanted to embody it so I can provide quality healing sessions with people. Level 1 was inspiring and a wonderful introduction to this world. Level 2 takes you in to much deeper levels of understanding the Shaman ways and much deeper in to yourself. It gives you an added set of tools to use with clients and assists people healing themselves to an enriched level. I also found it opened my heart up even more. By the time you get to the third day you have dismantled yourself to a refined spirit level which paves the way to learn the ‘The Celestial DNA’ training. There is no other way to get there except through the dense layers of yourself. The commitment to the 3 days is worth the journey. Kerry provides you with unwavering energetic commitment to keep you in the space needed to get the best out of the breakthroughs you may experience for the good of all. It is a rich blessing to experience this. Thank you!

With Love and much Appreciation.

– Sara R., Gold Coast Australia

Attending Kerry Henwood’s trainings have led me to feel a wholeness and a sense of where I belong in the world for the first time. Through her experiences, her recounting of adventures and the techniques she teaches, I am learning to understand and see myself in my many forms and to understand how I can use my gifts to be of service to the planet.
Kerry is a wealth of knowledge on so many levels – she is enthusiastic, authentic, has a fearsome heart for service, and is a whole lot of fun as well.

If these trainings call to you, peak your interest just a little bit, or draw you right in, don’t hesitate, just do it. You will be so happy you did.

– Karen L., Gold Coast, Australia