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Welcome to Shamanic Grace

The doorway to transpersonal awareness where ancient tools are reimagined to help navigate the demands of modern life. 

Activate your destiny for the collective service of humanity.  Are you feeling the call?


About Shamanic Grace

Welcome to Shamanic Grace, where ancient tools are reimagined to navigate the demands of modern life. These times of awakening offer rediscovery of our instinctual roots and realignment with our natural rhythms. Join Kerry, a seasoned shaman, on a path towards living in harmony with our deep selves and the beating heart of the earth.

Whether you seek personal sessions, mentorships, ongoing circles, or ceremonies, Shamanic Grace is your resource to restore wholeness to body, mind, spirit, and soul.

"Shamanism is not a religion, it's a method. And the method works if you work the method." 

Sandra Ingerman


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There are many techniques a shaman may use during a healing session…from extraction, divination, spirit invocation, and psycho pump to soul retrieval the shaman will travel in an altered state of consciousness to determine the cause of the problem. Through ritual, it is the shaman’s intent to restore wholeness to body, mind, spirit and Soul. The shaman is the mediator between the realms to bring heaven and earth, spirit and human-kind together.

All sessions are recorded.

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Personal, one-on-one, three-month mentorship trainings are available twice every year.

These trainings are created for the individual from the basic understanding of trance, where we draw upon the natural world to using trance to change your neuropathway of your mind to access your own personal wisdom. The trainings are in the spontaneous moment with the knowledge of spirit we go together to create the student highest result.

Limited spaces open for three months.


  • Q&A fireside chat with Kerry 

  • Elemental readings for the month

  • Plant medicine integration circles. If you have attended plant medicine circles and not feeling quite right in your skin, the circles are to teach you how to integrate the new vibrational energy you are carrying after your ceremony. This can be either in a group situation, or a one on one consultation

  • Shamanic sound healing understanding the communication of sound, and its healing and the ability to transfer knowledge. 

  • Trance circle. As we collectively journey together in a trans state, bringing down high vibrational information and teaching you how to integrate that vibration 

  • Talking circles are designed to teach you to strengthen your heart and speak from the heart

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"Kerry walks the path unknown to many. She is like a spinning ball of wit and mystery. She teaches you to inhale the truth and exhale disbelief that has held us prisoners in lives many." 

"Kerry is a wealth of knowledge on so many levels – she is enthusiastic, authentic, has a fearsome heart for service, and is a whole lot of fun as well. If these trainings call to you, pique your interest just a little bit, or draw you right in, don’t hesitate, just do it. You will be so happy you did."

"Kerry reminds us we are eternal vibrational beings of light, and our frequency is our ultimate responsibility. She is integral to the map of new humanity while helping us unlock our dormant codes to our destiny."

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