Love is the deepest truth at the heart of creation<

The rush and burn of our very first breath holds the key to unlock the mystery of our experience of life on planet earth.

Our perceptions at that moment render unconscious “holding patterns” in the bodies cellular memory that influence our breathing patterns and aliveness.

(Our aliveness is literally our personal sense of being alive, but often entangled with self limiting or sabotaging behaviors through our birth script.)

Changing the way in which we breathe alters our deep impressions of birth and open us to information and conclusions that we have made about life, based on our past experiences.

“thought is creative and you are the thinker!”

Most of our thoughts are unconscious and repetitive, and locked into a subconscious matrix of beliefs, that are not necessarily supportive of our aliveness!



What will we cover in this weekend seminar?

Explore your “birth script” to understand the dynamics of your unconscious relationship patterns.
These are the computer “programs” running your relationships and life.
These perceptions support the unique intimacy requirements of your own soul.
Passion? Peace? Trust? Independence?
Where are your “wounded blind spots”?

People treat you the way you treat yourself – what you think about yourself affects ALL of your relationships.
For instance, a lack of high self-esteem anticipates rejection; you may be unhappy when you are rejected, but even more unhappy when you aren’t rejected!

Discover the story that your “inner environment” around relationships wants you to unravel.

Experience two full group rebirthing sessions

This workshop will provide insights into all your relationships:
Friendships, intimate relationships, business relationships, sibling relationships, parental relationships, and your relationship with the spiritual world.


“Rebirthing” is a gentle but profound healing and personal growth technique.

Utilizing the power of the breath you access old memories, conditioning, and impressions, resolving and integrating them, while channeling positive energy towards a new way of understanding your life.

Rebirthing can help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, open your heart to more love in your relationships, and make important changes in your life. You are then able to choose more deeply, to choose what truely nurtures your soul.

You have a divine right to experience joy, kindness, compassion, and love in your relationships, through harnessing your true breath you open to your experience of these qualities in your relationships.

You will leave this workshop knowing how to heal the past, and how to open to the experience of fearless love in all of your relationships.

DATES: April 18 – 19, 2020

TIMES: Saturday 9am – 8pm, Sunday 9am – 6pm

*All completion times are approximate

VENUE: To be Confirmed – Brisbane area


DEPOSIT: $250 AUD Due on booking

PLEASE NOTE: all payments, including deposits, are non-refundable and non-transferable.



*limited to the first five paid bookings OR until Feb 14 2020, whichever comes first!


Paid in full by March 10, 2020.


a $50 discount off your combined fees applies for people attending this session of First Breath (April 30-May 3, 2020) as well as Birth, Relationships & Beyond (18-19 April ,2020).

(Valid for full fee and earlybird prices only. May not be combined with any other offer.)

For those training to be Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioners, this weekend can form part of your training requirements – contact Georgia for more details.


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Meet your leaders and guides

about Georgia Hovey

GEORGIA is an Internationally renowned seminar leader, and gifted teacher.

She is an (LRT) Certified Rebirther Trainer, trained in using a yogic breathing technique (pranayama) to free tension physically, emotionally and mentally, with the result of enhancing our aliveness.

She has counselled thousands of clients and led workshops all over the world, training others to use the breathwork technique with their clients.

For many years Georgia was the head organiser for the Loving Relationship Training (LRT), and she also holds her Masters in Education.

Georgia brings a wealth of wisdom and understanding of the psychology of human relationships to her trainings and client sessions.

Her passion is to support others to understand how conclusions made at birth create patterns that lead to how we experience life.

Georgia’s deep intuition accompanied by her light humour, encourages and supports your healing process.

about Kerry Henwood

KERRY has studied extensively with numerous Shamans and Yogis around the world; she is an internationally recognized intuitive healer, inspirational speaker and teacher.

Today, in individual and group settings, she shares her vast practical experience of ancient teachings through her application of this knowledge to our modern-day world and lives.

Kerry uses ancient indigenous techniques to foster the healing of modern minds and spirits. In her Shamanic work, she draws particularly on the spiritual healing traditions of Peru, which resonate strongly with her soul and have proven highly effective with her clients.

A gifted musician, Kerry utilizes sound healing as an integral part of her work, incorporating the power of a diverse array of songs (icaros), rhythms, instruments and techniques from a variety of spiritual traditions across the globe.

In living the truth of her Own Self, her sparkling presence inspires others to remember their own
innocence, magnificence and light.

Drawing upon nearly 30 years of healing experience, Australian native Kerry Henwood combines age-old traditions and cutting-edge technologies to support the healing process in others. Her unique approach to integrative healing fuses both the past and the future into a powerful vortex of presence, that is as revealing as it is enlightening.