On Earth Day, let us take time to connect with the profound wisdom of the Earth and come together to heal, receive guidance, and learn to love more during this transitional time that is asking us all to step up as healers.

Join us for this Virtual Shamanic Journey led be renowned Shaman Kerry Henwood to integrate guidance and strengthen our connection with the shamanic worlds. You will be given a deep understanding of self and your power that lies within.

Please note guidance on PREPARATION of an altar and supportive journey space below.

The zoom video link will be provided via email after you confirm your donation-based ticket.

With love and solidarity!

Together we shall journey into the shamanic lower world … entering the world of Elemental Clans, Animal Spirits, and the wisdom of the Plant World – here, we will find the deep-felt wisdom of the architects of the natural world.

Shamans travel between worlds for well over a millennia. We get to gather wisdom, techniques, and learn from ancient ancestors, the ones who have walked this world before us.

We enter these worlds with respect and an understanding that we have opened a door to the sacred. You will be given a deep understanding of self and your power that lies within.

On this Earth Day
We gather as one tribe
We gather to heal
We gather to learn
We gather to love more.

Please set up an Altar with your power tools: Rocks, Crystals, Feathers, etc. What is scared for you?
Dim the lights and light a candle
Burn incense or a soothing fragrance
Have something to cover your eyes (a bandanna or eye pillow)
You will be lying down, so prepare a mat, blanket, or cushion.

Thank you for sharing this sacred journey with us and for our Earth

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