The readings are channeling from a collective consciousness. The purpose of a reading is to be able to be all that you dream yourself to be.


What my clients say about an Arc Reading…

“To go to Kerry Henwood for an Arc reading is one of the most self loving things could ever do. The Arcs use Kerry’s body and voice to you invaluable information about your life path, your struggles and challenges, your relationships, the people you love – even the history of the earth. Their vibration is so loving that tears overflowed my eyes and rolled down my face as soon as they began to speak. During the reading the Arcs told me things that I felt to be absolutely true and clear and so healing to my heart and Soul. Listening to them I was able to make sense of what had been going on in my life. They explained things as different as – why I have abdominal pain to why my husband is in crisis, to what my life’s work is. The Arcs explained that we are light beings and that they could see my energy field changing as they spoke to me. And I could feel changing too. I left not only feeling loved and hopeful but wiser and stronger. I want everyone I care about to have this experience of meeting and talking with the Arcs. Kerry Henwood is a generous and wondrous Soul to be able and willing to let them come through her to help others. I feel blessed to know her and to have had this miraculous experience with the Arcs.”

“ARCs came into my life through my friend Kerry Henwood when I had one of those difficult periods. Three years ago she told me that she started channeling information from the light beings from the realm of Archangels and they call themselves ARCs. I immediately expressed my desire to speak with them.

Sometime later, I was sitting across from Kerry and listening to the teachings filled with profound wisdom and insights. I learned that they were beside me all my life. They knew about my present life even more then I knew about it myself because they saw my life from the higher perspective. ARCs helped me to understand where I was creating problems and drama. Their words were filled with love and compassion. They did not provide the recipes for life but helped me to cross the bridge that I build with my own hands. I knew that the choice is mine.

Since that time I feel ARCs beside me and I speak with them either through Kerry or when I go into the territory were no thought is thought and my rational mind cannot tell me that I’m being delusional.

ARCs are wonderful and loving teachers. Sometimes they give me glimpses of my previous lives. These glimpses come at specific time, when this information is needed, in order to help me to uncover wisdom that can be used for my enlightenment process. I cherish each meeting with ARCs and very grateful for the joy and opportunity to have them as teachers.

I want you to know that they are beside each and every one of us. They do not impose themselves and they are very patient. I also want you to know that when you will be ready, they will appear by your side right away.”

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