Drawing upon nearly 30 years of healing experience, Australian native Kerry Henwood combines age-old traditions and cutting-edge technologies to support the healing process in others. Her unique approach to integrative healing fuses both the past and the future into a powerful vortex of presence, that is as revealing as it is enlightening.

Kerry Henwood Shamanic HealingAs an internationally recognized intuitive healer, inspirational speaker and teacher, Kerry has studied extensively with numerous shamans and Yogis around the world.

Today, in both individual sessions and group settings, she shares her vast practical experience of ancient teachings through her application of this knowledge to our modern-day world and lives.

Kerry uses ancient indigenous techniques to foster healing of modern minds and spirits. In her shamanic work, she draws particularly on the spiritual healing traditions of Peru, which resonate strongly with her soul and have proven highly effective with her clients.

A gifted musician, Kerry utilizes sound healing as an integral part of her work, incorporating the power of a diverse array of songs (icaros), rhythms, instruments and techniques from a variety of spiritual traditions across the globe.

To promote optimal physical and general wellness, she also utilizes energy, vibrational and detoxification technologies, as well as state-of-the-art nutraceuticals.

In living the truth of her own Self, her sparkling presence inspires others to remember their own innocence, magnificence and light.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a world-wide phenomenon, appearing in places as geographically diverse as Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Shamans are consulted by people from all walks of life for healing, divination and as intermediaries with the spirit world. Indeed, shamanism is the “doorway to the trans-personal” awareness. It is not an organized religion as such, but rather a spiritual practice. Shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory. As a primal belief system, that precedes established religion, it has its own universal symbolism and cosmology, inhabited by beings, Gods and totems, who display similar characteristics, (although they appear in various forms, depending on their places of origin). (Michael Garner) defines shamanism as a technique of achieving an altered state of consciousness, which he calls the “shamanic state of consciousness” or “ecstasy”.

There are many techniques a shaman may use during a healing session, from extraction, divination, spirit invocation, and psycho pump to soul retrieval the shaman will travel in an altered state of consciousness to determine the cause of the problem. Through ritual, it is the shaman’s intent to restore wholeness to body, mind, spirit and Soul. The shaman is the mediator between the realms to bring heaven and earth, spirit and human-kind together.