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Shamanism is a world-wide phenomenon, appearing in places as geographically diverse as Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Shamans are consulted by people from all walks of life…for healing, divination and as intermediaries with the spirit world. Indeed, shamanism is the “doorway to the trans-personal” awareness. It is not an organized religion as such, but rather a spiritual practice.

There are many techniques a shaman may use during a healing session…from extraction, divination, spirit invocation, and psycho pump to soul retrieval the shaman will travel in an altered state of consciousness to determine the cause of the problem. Through ritual, it is the shaman’s intent to restore wholeness to body, mind, spirit and Soul. The shaman is the mediator between the realms to bring heaven and earth, spirit and human-kind together.

“Kerry is a wealth of knowledge on so many levels – she is enthusiastic, authentic, has a fearsome heart for service, and is a whole lot of fun as well. If these trainings call to you, peak your interest just a little bit, or draw you right in, don’t hesitate, just do it. You will be so happy you did.”

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Reconnecting Heaven & Earth
Through the Art of Shamanism

For millennia, shamanic healers have helped restore individuals and communities to their essential light and purpose. Today, shamanism is experiencing a renaissance as a new generation heeds the urgent call to connect with worlds seen and unseen, applying ancient wisdom to the challenges of modern life.In this introduction and advanced practical guide, master shaman Kerry Henwood distills insights gained over four decades of experience as a teacher and healer.

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Private Sessions

I'll be offering Streaming readings, Shamanic healings, AND NEW Shamanic Breath (Tummo) in Australia. Shamanic Breath (Tummo) This breathing technique is used in the Amazon jungle by shamans and in the mountains of Tibet by the Tulku’s Tibetan shaman, and mystical Yogi’s and Yogini’s. Experience a deep cleansing on the physical and Auric fields as the body releasing deep trauma, undesirable thoughts that hold you back. Tummo in Tibetan language means Tum negative thoughts Mo [...]

ARC’s Groups

The readings are channeling from a collective consciousness. The purpose of a reading is to be able to be all that you dream yourself to be.   What my clients say about an Arc Reading... "To go to Kerry Henwood for an Arc reading is one of the most self loving things could ever do. The Arcs use Kerry's body and voice to you invaluable information about your life path, your struggles and challenges, your [...]

Healing Circles

Kerry takes you on a journey into the beauty and simplicity of healing circle. Kerry is unique in her approach to ritual that is grounded in practical application for your life. The healing circle focuses on personal healing, friends and family and the environment. Using power animals, healing sound and Icaros, Kerry's presence promotes individual healings in the circle.

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