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Come along to the gathering. Experience a message from the Arcs, the collective intelligence of the angelic realms, channelled through Kerry Henwood. This message is being given to you to assist you to reach your highest potential.

Experience the ARC’S new Tree of Life Meditation and prepare to free yourself of old limiting neural programs, no matter how deeply patterned they are. This is an incredible technique that was channeled from the arcs December last year. the arcs have been leading

Groups throughout Australia through the tree of life meditation with amazing transformational results with those who participate in the process.

Archangel Michael’s promise to humanity is: “there is nothing that cannot be removed”.

Applying this powerful technique can change your way of being Seeing the world in which you live.This is The quickening The reemergence The tipping point for humanity, plant new roots of light in your tree of life that will allow us to come together s one compassionate heart. and to give us the strength to move forward to our individual and collective destiny.

The evening will be a Q & A with Kerry Henwood, followed by a channelling by the Archangels Tree Of Life initiation meditation.

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