Upcoming Training:

Dates: March 4, 5, 6

The Art of Soul Retrieval is a practitioner level course designed to teach you the ancient practice of shamanic journeying for the purpose of soul recovery, revelatory insight and spiritual wholeness. Shamanic journeying is an empowering technique that is available to anyone who has a genuine desire and intention to learn about the truth of other realities, dimensions, universes, divine realms and past/future lives. It requires that the practitioner be completely present and lucid so that the journey itself can be controlled and directed though focused intention.

During this 3 day training, you will learn how to:

Conduct a Soul Retrieval – Journey into the past to recover and integrate soul fragments that were lost, misplaced or given away.

Design your own Ceremony – Experience the power of sacred ritual by learning the key ingredients you need in order to prepare your own ceremony.

Understand the Power of Healing Words and Songs – Learn the meaning behind “A shaman without songs is like a person without air” and ” May you walk in Beauty”.

Merge with each Element – Recognize the pathways to communicating with the elemental kingdom.

Dreamwalk with the Group/Clan – Use the empowering group energies to access guidance and wisdom from the animal and plant realms.

Work with Stones of Light – Heal with crystals.

Be Present in the Now – Disconnect from old stories from your past that no longer serve your highest good.

Strengthen your Connection to Source – Open up to receiving divine guidance through the practice of deep listening.

Experience Transfiguration – Embody your own immortal light.

Journey to your Descendants – Journey to the future shaman.

Make Shamanism Relevant for Modern Living – Strengthen your connection to nature and the web of life through simple shamanic practices.

For the current schedule and locations of Kerry’s upcoming healing circles and workshops, please call 760-831-1583 or e-mail Kerry at kerryshaman@aol.com.

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