Greetings Friends;

Shasta September 12th-19th 2019
We are excited to announce that Georgia Hovey and Kerry Henwood will be leading an exquisite Journey to the Land of Mt Shasta, California and the Lemurian City of Telos. and then to the Redwoods in Sequoia National Park.

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It has been told that Lemurians live in the underground city of Telos below Mt Shasta. This city serves as an inter-planetary and inter-dimensional portal. Telos is also called “The Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays.”
We will visit many of these portals. One such portal will be the gate to Telos where we will reclaim a fragment of our Soul
“We the Telosians want to share with the world how to live in a peaceful and loving way on our planet.”

Red woods 4

Telosians work closely with the Melchizedek Priesthood.

The Melchizedek Priesthood are here to serve Mother Earth and are very involved in the Earth’s Ascension into the greater Light. The Telosians are Spiritual Warriors for peace, love and the path of compassion.

The second part of our tour we will drive over to the coast to the beautiful Redwoods in Sequoia Trees National Park. Here we will walk, Breathe, perform Druid tree ceremonies, and listen to these ancient beings. Some are 1,000’s of years old.


Please arrive by September 12th, (Thursday) and we will begin on our Journey the 13th. Journey is complete on the 19th.
Please be aware there could be as much as a 4 hour drive from Crescent City to your departure airport, so book your flights for early or mid-afternoon.


Day 1 Sept 13th: Ceremony of the breath (group rebirth) as a purification
Shamanic opening
Purification continues as we participate in a traditional Indian Sweat Lodge, allowing Spirit to purify the. body

Day 2 Sept 14th A full day traveling to the sacred vortexes of Mt Shasta where we will enter the gates of Telos and hike to Panther Glen

Day 3 Sept 15th: Meet in circle in the morning. Then a half day off for the group to visit the town of Shasta . It is a small town but has incredible stores. Also nearby is Stewart Mineral Springs…spend the afternoon soaking in hot mineral water. Late afternoon/evening the group will have the wonderful opportunity to be in the presence of Beverly Ann Wilson, Crystal Tone Alchemist and owner of The Crystal Rooms. She will do a group healing, tuning us to the necessary frequencies so that we can continue our individual destinies.

Day 4 Sept 16th: We travel by car 5 hour drive to Crescent City to Sequoia National Forest to be among the Grandmother and Grandfather Redwoods.
Evening ceremony Fire and Water. Embrace the Elemental’s on the beach. With a bonfire, sacred circle and sacred pizza.

Day 5th Sept 17th: We hike into the Redwoods. Here we will open to the ancient knowledge that has been kept by these Old One’s. Some of these trees are 1,000’s of years old.

Day 6th Sept 18th: Morning group meeting. afternoon tour the one of the oldest groves of Redwoods. Group breathe with these giants.

Sunday night group farewell dinner.
(not included in your tour package.)

Day 7th Sept 19th
Group leaves for far-off lands.

Sequoia tree 1

Cost $950 USD
Non-refundable, non-transferable deposit $350
Registration form will be sent upon deposit


Included in cost :
Shamanic healing and ceremony with Kerry.
Breath work with Georgia
Sweat Lodge
Alchemy Healing with Beverly
Shamanic Gift
Beach Pizza Party
Breakfast provided in most Hotels
3 nights in Beautiful Hotel on the Pacific Ocean, in Crescent City.
All rooms have a balcony with ocean views, plus full
breakfast included

Participants are responsible for their accommodations in Shasta, airfare, ground transport (rental car). we can coordinate a list of four or five people per car to be cost-effective for all if desired.

We have a discounted rate with the Best Western Tree House Hotel $165.74 +tax, double room. This rate is good until August. Please call to book 1-530/926-3101. Tell them you are with Kerry and Georgia’s group dates 12-15 Sept


More Hotels
A1 Choice Hotel


Strawberry Valley Inn

Mt Shasta Ranch Bed & Breakfast

All Hotel rates do not include taxes

Nearest airport is Redding, California. It is 68 miles south of Mt Shasta City so you will need to rent a car from there.
There is a Shuttle bus, Shasta Shuttle 1-530-859-3266
You can also fly into Medford Airport, Medford Oregon, which is closer to Crescent City, where we complete our journey. A (2 1/2 hour drive) as opposed to a further drive back to Redding airport, which is 211 miles (over 4 hours drive).
Medford Airport to Mt. Shasta is 2 hours drive.

If you are coming from overseas the drive from Los Angeles is 10 hours.
From San Francisco Airport to Shasta 5hr 17mins

We accept checks payable to Kerry Henwood
PO BOX 1793
Palm Desert CA
email Georgia if you wish to use a credit card.
Or PayPal to account of Georgia
Participants handle all transfer fees

This is going to be the most fantastic trip. Let us come together the shine our lights bright!

Many Blessings,

Kerry and Georgia

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