Trance Dance Shamanic Mask Making Workshop 2018

Hello Beloved Clans

Well Finally its going to Happen….

2018 is the Year! Shamanic Mask making Trance Dance.

The Mask is an ancient symbol of transcendence and power.

It emits an force field of l power and potential; the sense of something deeply mysterious about to reveal itself; a spirit calling up secrets from within – and beyond…

The Mask has had a significant role throughout human civilization as a portal into the great mysteries of life and consciousness.

It was used by the great Shaman traditions of every known culture as a instrument for obtaining wisdom, gaining protection, seeking guidance, celebrating rites of passage, and for healing.

Different masks play different roles and have different powers across the various cultures and traditions. The function of the masks is seen as a magical way to induce transformation; they may appear in rites of passage and preside over important ceremonies; they help mediate with spirits, or offer a protective role to the society who utilize their powers. Native masks had many different purposes including its medicinal and spiritual uses. Masks have been used by nearly all other cultures throughout the Americas, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands. In addition to their primary purpose for transformation, they also appear to free the true personality. Masked rituals reveal a connection to deeper levels of oneself. Included in this transformative experience, many report that this process of masked ritual induces a sort of shapeshifting experience.

Infuse the energy!

Bring your animal Spirit alive!

Give them the Honor and respect

Its is the wild that sets us free!

This training with be co-lead by Kerry and Helen Magg’s who is a brilliant artist. She’ll lead us through the process of creating our sacred Masks.

Venue : Harmony Body Mind Healing Center
14 Billabirra Crescent Nerang

Cost: $ 400 included’s all materials and a basic mask you can build upon. The teachings of Trance dance animal

Deposit: $250 upon registration Non refundable but is Transferable to one of Kerry’s traning’s
Dates November: 2nd-4th
Times: Friday 7pm-9pm
Saturday 9.30am-5pm
Sunday 9.30pm-4pm

Please make all deposit and full payment direct to Kerry Henwood account.
BSB 732088
ACC 689220

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