I Welcome You To An Evening Of Exploring Tummo.

Tummo is a very refined and delicate system Of Breath work. It brings you back to your authentic original light body self.

Tummo in Tibetan language means
Tum- negative thought
Mo- wisdom
Or as it is more commonly known-Inner Fire.

Many Breathing modalities stem from Tummo; Pranayama, Rebirthing, Dynamic Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, Holotropic Breath.

Tibetan Yogis and Yoginis have use Tummo to become one with the elements. A most famous demonstration of this technique is sitting for long periods of time in the snow with very little clothes on, Becoming one.
Tummo Breath teachers you to be a friend with the element fire.
Creating an inner fire is to create an inner bliss. Bliss is when your mind is with out thought.
In Tibetan medicine the body is the Wishing Tree. Our negative thoughts poison the tree. Though powerful conscious breathing you fertilize your wishing tree.

Audience participation is an important element in this evening. You will have your own experience of Tummo, Bliss, Fertilizing your Wishing Tree.

Learn Visualization, Breathing Techniques to enhance your Human Spirit Potential.

Kerry will also talk about the Advance Breath work Leaderships training’s in November.

Venue: Harmony Body And Mind Healing Center
14 Billabirra Crescent Nerang QLD 4211
Dates: Tuesday October 30
Time: 7pm-9pm Approximate completion time

Contact: Kerry to hold your spot kerryhenwood108@gmail.com

Financial Gift: Early birds $25
at the door: $30

Please make a direct deposit to
Kerry Henwood
BSB 732088
ACC 689220
Also please put your name on your Transaction

Feel free to forward this email to your friends or family that maybe interested in coming to this evening.

I look forward to Breathing A New Reality Together
Peace and Goodness

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