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Streaming Readings

Streaming is the ability during a reading to energetically travel within your energy field. Since you are much more than just a physical self, You have personality (ego) , Soul, and Monad.

Kerry will begin the reading by traveling in your third dimensional reactive energy reality. This field is where most people have the most issues with. Often people may have trouble moving through looping back into the same patterns.

During the Streaming, we will then move within your unified field seeking advice from your soul. We will then deliver this information and purpose back to you.

It is at this point that Kerry will begin to contact your Monad – the part of the self that has not left the oneness and unified within Source self.

The purpose of Streamed readings is to self-empower you to unlock your full potential and to release the misalignment that stops one from moving forward.

Streaming readings are a holistic approach to physiological, emotional, and spiritual problems because they are actually transpersonal.

Individual sessions will empower and assist you on your chosen journey of self-discovery. I will happily work with you on any area of your life where new insight and clarity is desired. Nothing is off-limits and all questions are important, so any aspect of life you want to explore will be addressed. For the first half of your session, I will tell you what I see and feel in your energy and life circumstances. The second half is reserved for your specific questions.

Kerry has enhanced her abilities through 25 years of intuitive readings, 35 years of traveling in parallel realities through shamanism, 20 years of channeling, and in the last 7 years channeling ARC Angels.

The many beings Kerry has meet in her journeys have showed her the individual matrix of ones Personality, Soul, and Monad. This has led her to understand where one is out of alignment with divine oneness which then is reflected in an in-balance within one’s life . often this leads a person to more unnecessary projections and reactions. Kerry has the ability to hear these reactions and projections that you are saying to yourself. In the discovery of these self-inflicted projections, they are release and set free, thus bringing you back to your authentic alignment – A pure being of Light.

Sessions are intimate and heartfelt. Some experience emotional release, tears, and laughter. Sessions are either by telephone or video Skype and or in person when I am in your town.

Kerry records our time together on a MP3 so that the hour can then be replayed over time, and the information and energy can keep working for you. Many tell her that they listen to their recordings of their readings over and over.

Cost $180.00 USD.

May You Walk In Beauty

Life is the evolution of light into consciousness
Skype Kerry Henwood in Palm Desert USA


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Private Sessions

Having a shamanic session and what to expect

Shamans are looking for your Authentic Self. What actually is that? There is a part of you which is untouched by the reactions of this world. It observes the doings of your day to day but does not react to drama and denial. This is what you would call your soul quality or your Authentic Self.

In the shamanic healing, I am bringing this forward into your conscious so that you can become what you have always dreamed yourself be. You can become a healer, teacher, visionary or warrior of light. You can feel on track with your purpose. When this alignment is created, endless possibilities can occur in one’s life.

Channeled Skype Readings

As the arcs have said many times we have prayed for transparency what we individually need to look at inside of the emotional patterns to release, so we have clear passage to our Soul and Monad to further our collective and individual destinies. This is the year to gather strength and courage to become our tools and we have dreamed ourselves to be.

2014 I am offering Skype readings with the arc’s and celestial. These are readings of Atonement, Activation of your celestial memories, Alignment to your star brothers and sisters a tune in and tune up! as well as any questions you may have during the reading

Readings will begin February through to mid March. Please e mail me for a time that will suit you as I’ am working in different time zone.

Cost $170

I will send you the audio file immediately after your reading.


Contact Kerry for more information and to schedule a Private Shamanic Session.