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An Invitation To A One-Day Introduction to The Luminescent Human Apprenticeship Program

Join me in a one-day introduction to my new one-year apprenticeship program — The Luminescent Human. Over the course of this apprenticeship program, I will teach you how to use the principles of Shamanic Cosmology in your day-to-day life. Entering into this apprenticeship does not necessarily mean that you will become a shaman. That initiation is purely of the realm of spirit, in which Spirit looks deep within your heart and sees where it can apply your destiny to further the growth and opportunity of others.

What the apprenticeship will do is define what is — and is not — in your heart, which is the vehicle of the Luminescent Human. Once the Luminescent Human within your heart is activated, all your desires start to fit in place and into alignment with the deep truth of who you truly are, what you have come here to be, and what purpose you are here to serve. This apprenticeship training will begin to help you understand where you are placed in the nine-dimensional shamanic — or light being human — worlds while you are living in your third-dimensional reality.

Choosing to undertake this apprenticeship may lead you in many directions in your life, such as: creating more clients, a loving relationship, or the finances needed to achieve your goals. It also may propel you into becoming a leader to others as well as to yourself. Only Spirit knows what path you will be led to walk.

Participating in this one-day introduction will begin that process by creating an opening to what is vibrating in you and around you — the subtleties of the whispers of spirit. To be eligible to take this one-day introduction to The Luminescent Human, you must meet one or more of the following prerequisites:

– have an understanding of trance journey work or a background in meditation
– have communication with your spirit/animal allies
– have a deep instinct or knowing that you are receiving communication from spirit —note: you do not need to hear spirit, merely be consciously aware that information is coming to you
– have the realization that you are guided.

Also, it is important that you understand that during this one-day introduction, we will be taking a small amount of San Pedro — only enough to open the door of your heart to be able to just be, to hear, and to be in receivership. We Shamans around the world have used plant medicine for thousands of years to enhance all nine dimensions, so that we can always keep our purpose in an activated role of being 100% committed to being fully in service to assist humanity on every level — both in our professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, in this time when plant ceremony has become increasingly popular, the sacred purpose behind such ceremony is slowly being lost.

Please e-mail me if you feel a calling to take this one-day training, which is open to a limited number of participants. As you consider this opportunity, I invite you to open your heart to this question which was channeled to me a couple of weeks ago:

Why die a student, when you can become a teacher?

I have chosen to hold this introductory training on Saturday, May 5th — a day which people throughout Mexico and millions in the United States celebrate as The Day of The Dead. We all need to die a little to what we have been in order to become who we truly are.

If you feel the call in your heart to join me on this sacred journey, I hope you will answer it by enrolling today.

The Luminescent Human: A One-Day Introduction
Date: Saturday, May 5th
Cost : $295
Venue: TBA Gold Coast



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The Art of Soul Retrieval – Level 1 2017 Dates

Dates: Oct 15th 16th 17th
Byron Shire Australia
Contact: Seriya Cutbush


soul_retrieval_2There is a new spiritual wholeness emerging for all to integrate and embody…encouraging you to live freely from your authentic/true self, where divine guidance comes from within and where life expands into a playful place of infinite, creative possibilities. Make it your destiny to be your own teacher, your own prophet, and your own guiding light.

The Art of Soul Retrieval is a practitioner level course designed to teach you the ancient practice of shamanic journeying for the purpose of soul recovery, revelatory insight and spiritual wholeness. Shamanic journeying is an empowering technique that is available to anyone who has a genuine desire and intention to learn about the truth of other realities, dimensions, universes, divine realms and past/future lives. It requires that the practitioner be completely present and lucid so that the journey itself can be controlled and directed though focused intention.

During this 3 day training, you will learn how to:

    • Conduct a Soul Retrieval
    • Journey into the past to recover and integrate soul fragments that were lost, misplaced or given away
    • soul_retrieval_3Design your own Ceremony
    • Experience the power of sacred ritual by learning the key ingredients you need in order to prepare your own ceremony
    • Understand the Power of Healing Words and Songs
    • Learn the meaning behind “A shaman without songs is like a person without air” and ” May you walk in Beauty”
    • Merge with each Element Recognize the pathways to communicating with the elemental kingdom
    • Dreamwalk with the Group/Clan
    • Use the empowering group energies to access guidance and wisdom from the animal and plant realms
    • Work with Stones of Light
    • Heal with crystals
    • soul_retrieval_4Disconnect from old stories from your past that no longer serve your highest good be present in the now.
    • Strengthen your Connection to Source
    • Open up to receiving divine guidance through the practice of deep listening
    • Experience Transfiguration
    • Embody your own immortal light
    • Journey to your Descendants
    • Make Shamanism Relevant for Modern Living
    • Strengthen your connection to nature and the web of life through simple shamanic practices.

Training will begin 2 weeks before the 3 day training with Kerry on line learning the art of shamanic journey work an important element to shamanism.

Spaces are limited.

To reserve your space, a deposit non-refundable of $275.00 is necessary at the time of registration.

The difference between practicing Shamanism and becoming a Shaman is a Calling….Do You Hear the Call?


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Advanced Shamanic Practices ~ Into the Light: Angelic Core Soul Shamanism – Level 2

During this advanced 3 day training, you will learn:

Extraction work:

Treat problems that are negatively impacting the Body Mind. Remove harmful energies.

Divination: Divination is not fortune telling. It is a way to a deeper understanding of events and influences. It is a integral part of shamanism, understanding why a person has become ill.

Shamanic Dismemberment: The great liberation – setting yourself free. At its deepest level, the dismemberment experience dismantles our old identity. It is a powerful death and rebirth process. The experience of being stripped to the bone forces us to examine the bare essence of what we are.

“One thing that comes out in myths is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light”- Joseph Campbell.

Shapeshifting: There are two types of shapeshifting; changing your light body in the astral to power animal, & changing your physical form on the earth plane into an animal. Very adept shamans are said to be able to change their physical human forms into that of animals. Let do it!
Reconnect to your original elemental clan.

Working with the Light Body: This will be taught by the ARC’S and what they have channeled to me.
Heal Human DNA and restoring Angelic DNA in order to our original Blueprint.

Psycho-pump: A psycho-pump is a powerful technique, involving a guide whose primary function is to escort souls to the afterlife, but they can also serve as a guide through the various transitions of life and the planet. The term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind).

The Rite of passage: working with death and dying.

Shamanic Art: Shamans create art in order to maintain equilibrium, Both physical and metaphysical,

There will be two level 2 training’s in Australia

Dates:  Byron Shire May 19th , 20th, 21st
Venue: TBA

Contact: Seriya Cutbush

Dates: Gold Coast June 16th, 17th, 18th
Venue : Harmony Body And Mind Healing Center
Nerang QLD
Contact: Kerry Henwood

Times: Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9.30am-5pm Sunday 9.30 am-4pm

Cost: $630

Review: $400


About Kerry Henwood

Drawing upon 30 years of healing experience, Australian native Kerry Henwood combines age-old traditions and cutting-edge technologies to support clients through her unique approach to integrative healing.

An internationally recognized intuitive healer, inspirational speaker and teacher, Kerry has studied extensively with numerous shamans and yogis around the world. Her shamanic work draws upon and unites the spiritual healing traditions of Peru, Tibet, Australia, India and America. Kerry is also the lineage-bearer of her grandmother’s Samoan shamanic tradition.

A gifted musician, Kerry utilizes sound healing as an integral part of her work, incorporating the power of a diverse array of songs, rhythms, instruments and techniques from across the globe.

Kerry’s overall purpose is to empower people to reconnect to their authentic selves and to have the courage to create their own change and well-being. In living the truth of her own self, her sparkling presence inspires others to remember their own innocence, magnificence and light.

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TESTIMONIAL’s from Clan members

Each and every Angelic Shamanism workshop run by Kerry is always a new and unique experience
These workshops are all about Transformation: transformation from the person you think and believe you are to the person you really are! The person you were meant to be!

The many different journeys Kerry leads are excellent for releasing emotional baggage so our connection to our Higher Self becomes stronger and clearer. By shining a metaphorical light into all that does not serve our Highest Purpose any longer and clearing societal and parental conditionings and our own misguided behavioural patterns these workshops allow the participants to come closer to the “All that I am right now!”

At level 2 we learn a wide range of journeys to release issues from this life and past lives that have been limiting our development and to help us to acknowledge and release our own insecurities! Any external and internal energies that are an impediment to our growth are addressed and released through a variety of shamanic tools presented by Kerry, such as Dismemberment, Extractions, cutting of ancestral limiting ties and a variety of traditional rituals.

At this most auspicious time when we are in transition from a Third to a Fifth dimensional consciousness and reality, Kerry’s Angelic Shamanism provides the tools necessary to increase our vibrational rate, like stepping stones to reaching the celestial realm and contact our angelic aspects and to alter our underlying blueprint and DNA. It also assists in clearing, realigning and balancing all of our energetic bodies and clearing old karmic contracts and bindings, response patterns and emotional wounds from our cellular memory, as well as healing genetic weaknesses from our own physical DNA and restoring our own angelic DNA.

Through Angelic Shamanism we are able to expand our light bodies and shift into higher levels of consciousness. It teaches us to access the necessary internal resources to release fear and confusion and to break through the illusions of this world and societal restrictions as we heal and progress on our Divine Ascension to collectively make the Fifth dimension a reality.

Kerry’s professionalism is beyond compare and the caring, supportive and loving environment she provides makes it such a safe environment to acknowledge, deal with and release whatever is ready to leave our energetic fields in our endeavour to grow!

These unique workshops are designed to help each participant in their personal, professional and spiritual development and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is in the path of self discovery, who is striving to achieve full soul expression, find their life purpose and be a better vessel for Spirit! The potential that this learning can have in our lives, the lives of our clients and humanity in general are limitless!

Yours sincerely,
Sonia Dantaz

I did the Level 2 training with Kerry Henwood twice and each time I gained enormously, not only through my own personal growth, but also in my ability as a shamanic healer to connect on a deeply profound level with my spirit helpers and other realms of consciousness.

Kerry is an incredible leader and facilitator of the energy required in this healing modality which encompasses the most profound level of our being. Through her intregrity as a healer and experience as a teacher Kerry is able to communicate extremely difficult concepts which would normally be far beyond our comprehension.

Throughout the training there is an opportunity for personal release and growth which culminates in being able to connect with the angelic and celestial realms in order to act as a channel for healing at a DNA level of our physical existence. The magnitude of the gift of this training is far beyond words in what it can bring to our lives and the healing of our wonderfully beautiful planet.

I highly recommend this training if you are heeding the call to become a shamanic practitioner or healer.

Brisbane Australia

I really enjoyed Level 2 , I felt a lot more relaxed to learn and share.I realized my journeys may not be as flowery as everyone elses but they are what works for me and Kerry helped me to stop comparing my self to others . I may not use my new tools to make a living, however I feel I can help others and myself with the knowledge, and the connection to other earth, and understanding the seasonal changes that affect our lives which sometimes slides past us .I liked being around like minded people that have the same ideals as me.

The trainings are fantastic, I felt drawn to soul retrieval for death / dying people I feel this may be an area I will explore more

Thanks heaps Kerry

Marisa Munro

Level 2 Experience By Juanita Marriott
Gold Coast Australia

During the second time I undertook Kerry Henwood’s Level 2 Shamanic Training & the weeks succeeding, the predominate change that I have recognized within myself was the actual embodiment and ownership of my soul’s divine nature. The training not only created the space for this to occur, but techniques taught and Kerry’s ability to continually re-invent herself and access universal knowledge and wisdom, paved the way for this to be auctioned at the deepest physical level~ that being our cellular structure and DNA.

The DNA technique taught is a part of the new wave of science that has emerged in the past few decades on this planet, whereby healing of the human body is assessed and treated at very the quantum level. As such, it brings great joy to my heart and much gratitude within my being to be a part of this forerunning modality.

Furthermore, during the 3 days of level 2 I became aware of subconscious aspects within myself that I had not known were there. These subconscious patterns, programs, stories were in a sense brought to the light where I was able to add consciousness to them. In turn, this allowed for a greater sense of freedom within my being and stronger alignment with myself/source. It was almost as as if more and more aspects of my lower self/ ego were surrendering/unweaving/ evolving? Because it understood there was a much greater force than itself~ that being of truth and love.

I feel now after completing Level 2 again I have matured spiritually and I thank-you Kerry for riding the wave you do because it has had a profound effect on my experience and growth here on the planet.

Looking forward to receiving the new DNA information.

Level 2 shamanism

I have done Level 2 training twice within 12 months to absorb the information to do justice to the essence of this work, and because of the benefit I have found for my growth. I really wanted to embody it so I can provide quality healing sessions with people. Level 1 was inspiring and a wonderful introduction to this world. Level 2 takes you in to much deeper levels of understanding the Shaman ways and much deeper in to yourself. It gives you an added set of tools to use with clients and assists people healing themselves to an enriched level. I also found it opened my heart up even more. By the time you get to the third day you have dismantled yourself to a refined spirit level which paves the way to learn the ‘The Celestial DNA’ training. There is no other way to get there except through the dense layers of yourself. The commitment to the 3 days is worth the journey. Kerry provides you with unwavering energetic commitment to keep you in the space needed to get the best out of the breakthroughs you may experience for the good of all. It is a rich blessing to experience this. Thank you!

With Love and much Appreciation

Sara Ralph.

Gold Coast Australia

Attending Kerry Henwood’s trainings have led me to feel a wholeness and a sense of where I belong in the world for the first time. Through her experiences, her recounting of adventures and the techniques she teaches, I am learning to understand and see myself in my many forms and to understand how I can use my gifts to be of service to the planet.

Kerry is a wealth of knowledge on so many levels – she is enthusiastic, authentic, has a fearsome heart for service, and is a whole lot of fun as well.

If these trainings call to you, peak your interest just a little bit, or draw you right in, don’t hesitate, just do it. You will be so happy you did.

Karen List
Gold Coast, Australia

Testimonial from Marie Muller

Kerry’s Soul Retrievals are amongst some of the most transformative and fully integrative practices I have ever experienced. How blessed are we that Kerry is including in her Path of Revelation training this opportunity of integrating parts of ourselves back into the wholeness of who we are. Always a delight to be in Kerry’s presence (and the ARCs), our angelic shaman is now introducing the Path of Revelation and the art of soul retrieval. Let this step in 2010 be a supportive, transfiguring experience in our soul liberation and dissolution of the old self stories.

Love and blessings

Marie Muller Australia www.harmonybodymind.com.au

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Streaming Readings

Streaming is the ability during a reading to energetically travel within your energy field. Since you are much more than just a physical self, You have personality (ego) , Soul, and Monad.

Kerry will begin the reading by traveling in your third dimensional reactive energy reality. This field is where most people have the most issues with. Often people may have trouble moving through looping back into the same patterns.

During the Streaming, we will then move within your unified field seeking advice from your soul. We will then deliver this information and purpose back to you.

It is at this point that Kerry will begin to contact your Monad – the part of the self that has not left the oneness and unified within Source self.

The purpose of Streamed readings is to self-empower you to unlock your full potential and to release the misalignment that stops one from moving forward.

Streaming readings are a holistic approach to physiological, emotional, and spiritual problems because they are actually transpersonal.

Individual sessions will empower and assist you on your chosen journey of self-discovery. I will happily work with you on any area of your life where new insight and clarity is desired. Nothing is off-limits and all questions are important, so any aspect of life you want to explore will be addressed. For the first half of your session, I will tell you what I see and feel in your energy and life circumstances. The second half is reserved for your specific questions.

Kerry has enhanced her abilities through 25 years of intuitive readings, 35 years of traveling in parallel realities through shamanism, 20 years of channeling, and in the last 7 years channeling ARC Angels.

The many beings Kerry has meet in her journeys have showed her the individual matrix of ones Personality, Soul, and Monad. This has led her to understand where one is out of alignment with divine oneness which then is reflected in an in-balance within one’s life . often this leads a person to more unnecessary projections and reactions. Kerry has the ability to hear these reactions and projections that you are saying to yourself. In the discovery of these self-inflicted projections, they are release and set free, thus bringing you back to your authentic alignment – A pure being of Light.

Sessions are intimate and heartfelt. Some experience emotional release, tears, and laughter. Sessions are either by telephone or video Skype and or in person when I am in your town.

Kerry records our time together on a MP3 so that the hour can then be replayed over time, and the information and energy can keep working for you. Many tell her that they listen to their recordings of their readings over and over.

Cost $180.00 USD.

May You Walk In Beauty

Life is the evolution of light into consciousness
Skype Kerry Henwood in Palm Desert USA


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ARC’S Channeling in New York City 2013 part 2

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Q and A with the ARC’S New York City 2013

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Private Sessions

Having a shamanic session and what to expect

Shamans are looking for your Authentic Self. What actually is that? There is a part of you which is untouched by the reactions of this world. It observes the doings of your day to day but does not react to drama and denial. This is what you would call your soul quality or your Authentic Self.

In the shamanic healing, I am bringing this forward into your conscious so that you can become what you have always dreamed yourself be. You can become a healer, teacher, visionary or warrior of light. You can feel on track with your purpose. When this alignment is created, endless possibilities can occur in one’s life.

Channeled Skype Readings

As the arcs have said many times we have prayed for transparency what we individually need to look at inside of the emotional patterns to release, so we have clear passage to our Soul and Monad to further our collective and individual destinies. This is the year to gather strength and courage to become our tools and we have dreamed ourselves to be.

2014 I am offering Skype readings with the arc’s and celestial. These are readings of Atonement, Activation of your celestial memories, Alignment to your star brothers and sisters a tune in and tune up! as well as any questions you may have during the reading

Readings will begin February through to mid March. Please e mail me for a time that will suit you as I’ am working in different time zone.

Cost $170

I will send you the audio file immediately after your reading.


Contact Kerry for more information and to schedule a Private Shamanic Session.

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Tree Of Life Initiation Meditation

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Price: TBA

Come along to the gathering. Experience a message from the Arcs, the collective intelligence of the angelic realms, channelled through Kerry Henwood. This message is being given to you to assist you to reach your highest potential.

Experience the ARC’S new Tree of Life Meditation and prepare to free yourself of old limiting neural programs, no matter how deeply patterned they are. This is an incredible technique that was channeled from the arcs December last year. the arcs have been leading

Groups throughout Australia through the tree of life meditation with amazing transformational results with those who participate in the process.

Archangel Michael’s promise to humanity is: “there is nothing that cannot be removed”.

Applying this powerful technique can change your way of being Seeing the world in which you live.This is The quickening The reemergence The tipping point for humanity, plant new roots of light in your tree of life that will allow us to come together s one compassionate heart. and to give us the strength to move forward to our individual and collective destiny.

The evening will be a Q & A with Kerry Henwood, followed by a channelling by the Archangels Tree Of Life initiation meditation.

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Advanced Shamanic Practices: Into the Light of Angelic Soul Shamanism – Level 2

Upcoming Training Dates:

Dates: TBD
Location: TBD
Contact: TBD

Level II trainings in Connecticut and Philadelphia will be in September – dates to be announced.

*Prerequisites for level II is level I plus two weeks fee online training with Kerry.

During this advanced 3 day training, you will learn:

Extraction work: Treat problems that are negatively impacting the Body Mind. Remove harmful energies.

Divination: Divination is not fortune telling. It is a way to a deeper understanding of events and influences. It is a integral part of shamanism, understanding why a person has become ill.

Shamanic Dismemberment: The great liberation – setting yourself free. At its deepest level, the dismemberment experience dismantles our old identity. It is a powerful death and rebirth process. The experience of being stripped to the bone forces us to examine the bare essence of what we are.

Shape-shifting: There are two types of shape-shifting; changing your light body in the astral to power animal & changing your physical form on the earth plane into an animal. Very adept shamans are said to be able to change their physical human forms into that of animals. Reconnect to your original elemental clan.

Working with the Light Body: This will be taught by the ARC’S and what they have channeled to me. Heal Human DNA and restoring Angelic DNA in order to our original Blueprint.

Psycho-pump: A psycho-pump is a powerful technique, involving a guide whose primary function is to escort souls to the afterlife, but they can also serve as a guide through the various transitions of life and the planet. The term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind).

The Rite of Passage: Working with death and dying.

The shamanic Cape of Honour:Shamans create art in order to maintain equilibrium, Both physical and metaphysical.

For the current schedule and locations of Kerry’s upcoming healing circles and workshops, please call 760-831-1583 or e-mail Kerry at kerryshaman@aol.com.

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ARC’s Groups

The readings are channeling from a collective consciousness. The purpose of a reading is to be able to be all that you dream yourself to be.


What my clients say about an Arc Reading…

“To go to Kerry Henwood for an Arc reading is one of the most self loving things could ever do. The Arcs use Kerry’s body and voice to you invaluable information about your life path, your struggles and challenges, your relationships, the people you love – even the history of the earth. Their vibration is so loving that tears overflowed my eyes and rolled down my face as soon as they began to speak. During the reading the Arcs told me things that I felt to be absolutely true and clear and so healing to my heart and Soul. Listening to them I was able to make sense of what had been going on in my life. They explained things as different as – why I have abdominal pain to why my husband is in crisis, to what my life’s work is. The Arcs explained that we are light beings and that they could see my energy field changing as they spoke to me. And I could feel changing too. I left not only feeling loved and hopeful but wiser and stronger. I want everyone I care about to have this experience of meeting and talking with the Arcs. Kerry Henwood is a generous and wondrous Soul to be able and willing to let them come through her to help others. I feel blessed to know her and to have had this miraculous experience with the Arcs.”

“ARCs came into my life through my friend Kerry Henwood when I had one of those difficult periods. Three years ago she told me that she started channeling information from the light beings from the realm of Archangels and they call themselves ARCs. I immediately expressed my desire to speak with them.

Sometime later, I was sitting across from Kerry and listening to the teachings filled with profound wisdom and insights. I learned that they were beside me all my life. They knew about my present life even more then I knew about it myself because they saw my life from the higher perspective. ARCs helped me to understand where I was creating problems and drama. Their words were filled with love and compassion. They did not provide the recipes for life but helped me to cross the bridge that I build with my own hands. I knew that the choice is mine.

Since that time I feel ARCs beside me and I speak with them either through Kerry or when I go into the territory were no thought is thought and my rational mind cannot tell me that I’m being delusional.

ARCs are wonderful and loving teachers. Sometimes they give me glimpses of my previous lives. These glimpses come at specific time, when this information is needed, in order to help me to uncover wisdom that can be used for my enlightenment process. I cherish each meeting with ARCs and very grateful for the joy and opportunity to have them as teachers.

I want you to know that they are beside each and every one of us. They do not impose themselves and they are very patient. I also want you to know that when you will be ready, they will appear by your side right away.”

Schedule an ARC Reading

Download and Print the Tree of Life – Shard of Light Meditation