Join me in a one-day introduction to my new one-year apprenticeship program — The Luminescent Human. Over the course of this apprenticeship program, I will teach you how to use the principles of Shamanic Cosmology in your day-to-day life. Entering into this apprenticeship does not necessarily mean that you will become a shaman. That initiation is purely of the realm of spirit, in which Spirit looks deep within your heart and sees where it can apply your destiny to further the growth and opportunity of others.

What the apprenticeship will do is define what is — and is not — in your heart, which is the vehicle of the Luminescent Human. Once the Luminescent Human within your heart is activated, all your desires start to fit in place and into alignment with the deep truth of who you truly are, what you have come here to be, and what purpose you are here to serve. This apprenticeship training will begin to help you understand where you are placed in the nine-dimensional shamanic — or light being human — worlds while you are living in your third-dimensional reality.

Choosing to undertake this apprenticeship may lead you in many directions in your life, such as: creating more clients, a loving relationship, or the finances needed to achieve your goals. It also may propel you into becoming a leader to others as well as to yourself. Only Spirit knows what path you will be led to walk.

Participating in this one-day introduction will begin that process by creating an opening to what is vibrating in you and around you — the subtleties of the whispers of spirit. To be eligible to take this one-day introduction to The Luminescent Human, you must meet one or more of the following prerequisites:

– have an understanding of trance journey work or a background in meditation
– have communication with your spirit/animal allies
– have a deep instinct or knowing that you are receiving communication from spirit —note: you do not need to hear spirit, merely be consciously aware that information is coming to you
– have the realization that you are guided.

Also, it is important that you understand that during this one-day introduction, we will be taking a small amount of San Pedro — only enough to open the door of your heart to be able to just be, to hear, and to be in receivership. We Shamans around the world have used plant medicine for thousands of years to enhance all nine dimensions, so that we can always keep our purpose in an activated role of being 100% committed to being fully in service to assist humanity on every level — both in our professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, in this time when plant ceremony has become increasingly popular, the sacred purpose behind such ceremony is slowly being lost.

Please e-mail me if you feel a calling to take this one-day training, which is open to a limited number of participants. As you consider this opportunity, I invite you to open your heart to this question which was channeled to me a couple of weeks ago:

Why die a student, when you can become a teacher?

I have chosen to hold this introductory training on Saturday, May 5th — a day which people throughout Mexico and millions in the United States celebrate as The Day of The Dead. We all need to die a little to what we have been in order to become who we truly are.

If you feel the call in your heart to join me on this sacred journey, I hope you will answer it by enrolling today.

The Luminescent Human: A One-Day Introduction
Date: Saturday, May 5th
Cost : $295
Venue: TBA Gold Coast